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Dan’s Appliance Repair offers the most exceptional service in all of Middletown, OH. We strive to deliver fast, professional and inexpensive services to all of our customers and are able to provide repairs and maintenance to all well-known brands of appliances regardless of model.

From stoves, cooktops, fridges, dishwashers, freezers and many other home appliances, Dan’s Appliance Repair is the place to go.

Some of the most common brands of appliances that we handle are:


Well known for its electronics innovation, Samsung has been a giant in technology for 80 years and more. They are known for being reliable and are a trusted manufacturer of world-class home appliances. The range of appliances spans far and wide, arguably being one of the largest in the world.

But like all appliances, sometimes they can break down and require maintenance, repair or even need replacing. Luckily, here at Dan’s, we can provide top of the line repair services so that we can have your appliance back up and running before the day is done.


LG, much like Samsung, hails all the way from South Korea and they are surely one of the largest brands known for innovation and good-looking appliances for your home. Their appliances are incredibly popular all over the state and especially in Middletown.

LG brand some of the greatest ovens for your home, along with fridges, dishwashers, washing and drying machines and much more. Our professional engineers are able to provide expert analysis and repair your appliance before it affects your day-to-day life.


When you’ve been around for 125 years and more, you can surely know that you’re a trusted and well-established brand. That’s exactly what Bosch has done. They are in the top three manufacturers for appliances, worldwide, boasting some of the greatest appliances ever made for the household.

Our engineers are expertly trained to replace parts, repair and maintain Bosch appliances with ease.


The New York giant company, GE, was founded back in the early 90s and has been creating top of the line appliances that make life easier since then. Their appliances feature cutting-edge technology and features that look to the future and don’t remain the same as the appliances before.

But that doesn’t mean we’re not trained to deal with GE products. We absolutely are. Give us a call so that we can repair and maintain your GE appliance today.


The name gives it away, but we’ll say it anyway. Frigidaire pushes the limit on what’s known when it comes to innovative kitchen appliances, best known for their fridges. Their appliances are well known around the globe as being some of the most reliable and sturdy on the market. But like all other appliances, they are subject to breakdowns from time to time. If your Frigidaire product does break down, don’t worry. We’re on hand to provide exceptional service at Dan’s Appliance Repair.


If you haven’t heard of Viking appliances, you’ll have heard of Middleby, the parent company to Viking. Middleby provides some of the best commercial appliances for kitchens all over the globe. And because of that, you can expect the same professional standard from Viking products. From ranges, ice makers, air conditioners, ovens and more, Viking never fails to impress.

If your Viking needs repair, have no fear. Dan’s Appliance Repair is here.


Maytag, famous for its exceptional laundry and kitchen appliances that meet the budget of regular working people has been around for decades. In many Middletown homes, you’ll find a Maytag appliance, often distributed by the company Whirlpool.

We have experts on hand to get us to your home and repair any issues you may be having quicker than any other repair company in the area. Call us and one of our expert team members can help you going forward.


A century in business, Kenmore provides some of the most amazing appliances for your home. They are well known for their efficient nature and reliability, but just like other appliances, they can break down. Kenmore appliances are hugely innovative and have many features that you won’t get anywhere else.

We have experts trained and certified in Kenmore maintenance and repair. Call us today and we’ll be right to your door.

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