Dishwasher Repair

It’s a common misconception that repairing your dishwasher yourself is cheaper than hiring a professional. But it’s not true. By attempting DIY, you risk voiding your warranty and causing further possibly irreparable damage.

Replacing a faulty appliance isn’t always the easiest and best option, in fact, we are able to save you a ton of money. When compared to the cost of replacing a single part and hiring a professional, the difference is mind-blowing.

As soon as an issue arises you should tend to it and make sure it gets sorted. If you ignore the fault and continue like it’s not there, it will inevitably eventually become something much more serious. A repair service may cost you some money you didn’t want to spend, but by extending the lifetime of your appliance and installing new and reliable parts, it can save so much money overall.

We’re the best of the best at Dan’s Appliance Repair. If you’re in or around the Middletown area of Ohio we’re ready to assist in any way, we can. Our experts are certified and trained to deal with any issue, with any model or brand of appliance.

The Common Issues with Dishwashers That You’ll Need an Expert For

If your dishwasher is showing any of the following symptoms, ensure that you call Dan’s Appliance Repair as soon as possible to sort it.

Faulty Latch

A common issue with Dishwashers comes with the latches. If you find that your appliance will not close or open properly it could also cause issues with cleaning your dishes. One of our engineers can help sort this quickly in under a day.

The water is not hot

If your dishwasher’s water is not as hot as it should be, your dishes will not appear clean after a completed cycle and they may be cold. If this is happening, contact our team as soon as possible.

Unclean dishes at the end of a cycle

If you find that your dishes are not clean at the end of a cycle, the pump assembly could have issues. Other possible issues could be with the heating element itself or the armholes for spraying water. Whatever it is, we’re on hand to fix it.

Appliance turns off straight after being turned on

If you notice that your appliance turns on, makes a short humming noise and then turns off straight away, it’s possible that your motor has an issue and requires immediate replacement. Dan’s Appliance Repair has a team of specialists that are on hand to help with this.

Cracks and body damage

If your dishwasher has any visible damage or cracks along the body, it’s always best to check with a professional as this can often become a much larger issue in the long run.

Rust on the appliance

If you notice rusting on the inside of your appliance you could have serious problems incoming if it’s not sorted quickly. There should not ever be rust inside of a dishwasher.

Water is pooling inside of the dishwasher

If there is water puddled at the bottom of your dishwasher, you should seek assistance as soon as possible. Although there is often some water at the bottom at the end of a cycle, if there is a significant amount it’s important that your appliance gets checked quickly.

Call Dan’s Appliance Repair of Middletown, OH

If your dishwasher needs repairs or maintenance, Dan’s Appliance Repair is ready to assist with our certified and well-trained professionals. If it’s expertise in the field of Appliance Repair, you’re looking for you won’t find anywhere better. If you’re in or around Middletown, OH give us a call and we’ll sort your issue today.