Freezer Repair

If your freezer is becoming faulty, don’t attempt guessing and DIY. Call a professional repair company, like us, so that you avoid further damage, voiding your warranty or frustrating yourself.


We understand the annoyance that a broken-down appliance can cause. If not dealt with straight away it can cause many issues and destroy your daily routine. All of the food you’ve purchased and are storing within the freezer begins to go bad, and you don’t know what to do. Before all of this happens, call a reputable appliance repair company. Dan’s appliance repair can help get your freezer back up and running on the same day, saving you lots of money you would have spent on a replacement.

Our crack team of professionals is on standby to assist with any Freezer issue, regardless of brand or model. We provide not only repairs but also maintenance. We recommend you maintain your appliances regularly to extend their working life.

Common Freezer Problems We Repair

It doesn’t matter what model of freezer you have; built-in freezer, stand-alone freezer, chest freezer or any other. We can help you. Our technicians are certified professionals who are ready to repair your appliance, so don’t wait, call us today.

The appliance just won’t turn on

Make sure that your appliance’s outlet has power going to it, ensure that the fuse in the plug hasn’t blown and checked your home’s breaker, ensuring it hasn’t tripped. If it still won’t turn on, call us.

The freezer is not cooling at all

Check your freezer door and ensure it’s closed correctly and that the seals are working. You can check the seals by ensuring that a dollar bill can be held by the seal when closed. Also, compare your temperature settings to those in your manual. If this is still not working, contact us and we’ll be able to help.

The appliance is over-cooling

Often when a freezer is cooling for too long, it can be a build-up of frost or ice. Check the pipes at the back of your freezer to ensure that there isn’t frost coming out. Contact us quickly so that we can prevent any further damage to your appliance.

Inconsistent temperature

You’ll notice if your temperature is fluctuating, as your food will be spoiling quicker than it should. This can be due to debris build up in your fans but can be several other more serious things. Our technicians can assist with this.

Damaged or faulty door seals

This issue can be tied down to the temperature of the freezer being too high, we recommend you try the same steps as highlighted there. If there is a problem with your door seals, we’ll need to check it and repair it as necessary.

Strange noises when the freezer is working

Although you’ll notice a standard groaning noise when the freezer is running, any other strange noises could be the motor or compressor that has issues. Our technicians can diagnose and resolve this issue in a matter of minutes.

Other indications

Some other common issues that could cause more problems for your freezer are the fans being faulty, the control timers not working and the safety switches being defective.

If you do begin to see any of these issues, don’t attempt DIY. A freezer can be dangerous to tamper with. Instead, contact us and we’ll get an engineer out to sort it. DIY can cost more than it’s worth.

Call Dan’s Appliance Repair of Middletown, OH

If your freezer has become defective or is having issues with its regular functions, you’re going to want the best Appliance Repair Service around. Dan’s Appliance Repair of Middletown, OH will be able to provide the best trustworthy and certified repair service for affordable prices you’ll find.

Our team of experts are on standby to assist you with any issues, we’re able to handle all the well-known brands of the freezer. Including but not limited to LG, Whirlpool, GE, Samsung and more. Don’t wait for more issues to appear. Call us today.