Ice Maker Repair

Ice makers can make our summers more bearable by providing perfect ice cubes to add to our beverages turning a mildly cold drink into heaven in a glass. But it’s the opposite if your appliance fails if you don’t have any ice your summer will be warm and uncomfortable. But don’t worry, Dan’s Appliance Repair is here to assist you in repairing your appliance.

All you must do is call us today. And by the end of the day, you’ll have your ice maker back up and running as good as new. We’re the best of the best when it comes to appliance repair in Middletown, OH. Our professionals can troubleshoot your ice making appliance, give you a clear and honest quote upfront and make sure your appliance is up and running before the day is over.

Our team works all day round so you can call us any time, any day. They can service, maintain and repair any appliance regardless of brand or model.

Why did it break down?

There are a million reasons that your ice maker can break down and fail. It could be down to the internal components or could be the power supply. Either of these can lead to more serious issues. So answering why your appliance broke down can be quite complicated.

However, our professional team will be able to help you out immediately and explain your complicated appliance fault so that it’s easy to understand. The faults could be down to the assembly for the ejector, the water supply, or the supply line itself that could have damage.

Whatever issue you may have, our team are on hand to assist. And we absolutely recommend that you call us and not attempt any DIY repairs, these repairs can void your warranty and cause more damage than you might like.

The common problems, troubleshooting them and repairing them

Ice maker won’t work

If your ice maker won’t work at all, first ensure that the control arm which controls the operation and production of ice making isn’t in pause mode. Consult your manual for more information regarding this, you may need to manually reset it.

Ice maker works but doesn’t make ice

If this is happening to your appliance, make sure that frost is not blocking your water supply line. If it’s still not working or the ice cubes look strange/discolored, call our professionals today. This is an easy issue to identify if needed.


The nightmare for all appliance owners. Leaks can cause so many issues and can even cause small floods in your household. If your ice maker is built into your fridge, water will leak within the appliance. If it’s a free-standing appliance however, your floor will be covered with water. Make sure that your appliance is level on the ground if it is then you’ll need to give us a call as soon as possible.

You can’t and should not ignore leaks, they can cause issues for your appliance and other appliances around it. Ensure if you do have a leak that you move any electrical devices away and turn off outlets.

When should I consider a replacement appliance?

Ice makers have one of the shortest lifespans of all appliances, even when cared for and maintained properly they generally only last for around five years. If it gets any further than that, you’ll notice faults come up and the machine will become less effective.

Ensure your drinks are cold for the summer, call Dan’s Appliance Repair today.