Refrigerator Repair

A fridge is important to every homeowner’s day, it keeps our food fresh for longer and without them, we may begin to feel lost. That’s why a broken fridge is arguably the worst appliance that can break.

Luckily for you, we’re on hand to send out an expert technician so that your food can stay fresh and your day isn’t disrupted.


If you’re in or around Middletown Ohio, we’re going to be able to help. You’ve never experienced a company quite like ours. We have certified professionals in all types of appliance repair and our team of engineers are always happy to assist and explain every issue to you.


If you’re having any issue with your appliance, regardless of brand or model, we’re on hand to help.

The Obvious Signs You Need Refrigerator Repair

Leaking is the most obvious sign your fridge needs repairs done by a professional service. If you notice water beginning to pool at the bottom of your fridge, ensure you call us immediately. Our engineers will be able to troubleshoot your issue, same day.

Before you call us, however, try to locate where the water is coming from. Make sure it’s not your icebox or any food items that may have spilled in the fridge. If that’s not the problem, you’re going to need to call us today.

If you notice that your fridge is making strange clicking noises or whirring noises, this normally indicates an issue with the fans and should be checked out by a professional as soon as possible. This can quickly cause more issues than you’d like if left unattended.

Other noises you should call us about are snapping, clanking or hissing sounds that you haven’t heard in the past. We’ll narrow down the cause and fix it for you.

The Subtle Signs You Need Fridge Repair

It can be very easy to miss a fault with an appliance, especially if the issue is showing only subtle signs. If your fridge is making loud noises or is visibly damaged, you’ll already know you need to call a pro. But, some of these problems are a little harder to spot.

You should always monitor your food and ensure that they are staying fresh if they should. If the food isn’t staying fresh until the date that is stated, then it’s possible your fridge is too warm. You can fix this by adjusting the temperature as indicated in your owner’s manual. If this doesn’t sort it out you should contact one of our professionals for help.

The Importance of Regular Fridge Maintenance

If you want your food to always remain fresh and ensure that the life you live is a healthy and stress-free one, ensuring that your fridge can run as well as possible is important. Therefore, maintenance should be done regularly.

Doing basic checks from time to time will make sure your fridge can run to full potential and always be odor free. If you look after your appliance, you’ll surely avoid costly repairs and replacement in the long run.

Call Dan’s Appliance Repair in Middletown, OH

Even with all the care in the world, your fridge can still break down. If that does happen, you can give our professional team a call whenever and they will be on hand to assist. We guarantee absolute satisfaction with your service, repair or maintenance.

Call today to schedule your repair.