Washer / Dryer Repair

Both of these appliances are arguably the most important appliances in the home. Without them we’d never get our clothes clean and dry in under a day. They make life so much easier for anyone who uses them.

Washing machines are prone to breaking down however due to them being attached to water and electricity at the same time, to be frank, electricity and water shouldn’t be mixed and that’s why DIY repairs on a Washing Machine are highly advised against. Leave this to the professionals.

If your appliances are faulty and have issues, it can be a frustrating experience that can leave you with a laundry mountain piling up in your house. And for that reason exactly, you should call Dan’s Appliance Repair so that we can send one of our experts. Our expert team members are trained and certified to deal with and repair issues with appliances, regardless of brand or model, with ease and finesse. To add to that, we also provide guaranteed satisfaction for you.

Why did my appliance break down?

There can be a million different reasons as to why your dryer or washing machine might have stopped working. It’s important to get these issues looked at quickly to ensure that it doesn’t cause more issues further along. Fixing issues with appliances like these are done with ease when it comes to a professional engineer, like the team at Dan’s Appliance Repair.

As most other professionals would advise, we also advise against DIY repairs. You could void your warranty and cause more damage than repairs if you don’t know what you’re doing, costing you hundreds of dollars in the years to come. With a professional you’ll extend your appliance lifetime and get the best advice on how to look after your appliance going forward.

The common issues and troubleshooting them

Loud noise from washer/dryer

Both the washing machine and dryer naturally make noise when in use, but if it becomes louder and/or begins to make strange sounds like cracking, crashing or a whirring sound, there could be a larger issue. This should get checked right away to ensure that the issue does not become worse and damage more than one internal part. Our professionals are able to assist.

Washing machine leaking

The last thing you want is a leaking appliance. It can damage other appliances, the floors and walls of your house and the appliance itself. The first thing to check if your washing machine is leaking, would be the hose. Ensure the hose doesn’t have any visible damage and is able to provide water to the machine. You may need a replacement, call our technicians today.

The appliance won’t turn on at all

After ensuring that your breaker isn’t tripped and that power is actively flowing to your connected outlet, you may need to check the fuse within the plug your device is connected to. If all of this has been checked, give Dan’s Appliance Repair a call and book your appointment.

My dryer isn’t heating up

In order to dry your clothes effectively, your dryer must produce heat. If it isn’t producing enough heat to dry your clothes, it could possibly be the airflow with an issue. Ensure the filter is clear and not blocked by bits of material from past washes. A vacuum can fix this.

Should I consider a replacement?

The average lifespan for a dryer is 13 years, pretty long for an appliance. 11 years is the lifespan of a washing machine, trailing slightly behind.

If you aren’t maintaining your appliances regularly, which you should be, these average lifespans mean nothing. Dan’s Appliance Repair Technicians are able to troubleshoot and maintain your appliances to ensure that they are working better than ever before, for longer than ever before. You can be happy knowing that your in trustworthy hands with Dan’s Appliance Team.